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Scott Cawelti


Scott was born and raised in Cedar Falls, Iowa. He taught writing, film, and literature at the University of Northern Iowa (UNI) from 1968-2008, and has written regular opinion columns and reviews for the Waterloo / Cedar Falls Courier since the late 1970s. He played for years in a folk duo with Robert James Waller and still regularly performs as a singer/guitarist/songwriter. Scott continues to teach as an adjunct instructor at UNI.

Landscape Iowa CD

"Cawelti's musical interpretations of these beautiful poems not only grow from the rich Iowa soil Hearst wrote about so eloquently, but also speak universally to the human condition." -Lynn N.

Landscape Iowa sets 16 of Iowa poet James Hearst's most beloved poems to original music composed by singer/songwriter Scott Cawelti. Long considered the unofficial poet laureate of Iowa, Hearst wrote of rural life, Midwestern farm and city dwellers, and anchoring oneself on the land.

Hear a Few Tracks from Landscape Iowa:


After the People Go

Landscape Iowa

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